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    Alright, so this is what the cost is if i was to buy a new server with 20 slots for 30 days

    And this is what one of my current 20 slot servers is charging me to extend

    As a little more of a reference, i have just gone through every server and double checked and matched up the renewal costs. All of them are wrong and here are my total calculations

    This is only for my ark servers. I also have 2 DayZ servers that both show the same data

    This is not normal. I just extended my 20 slot server and it is the exact same price as if i would order a new server.

    Keep in mind, the discount will only apply if you extend the server for 90 days or 1 year. The shorter extension (3 or 30 days) will not get you a discount.

    i only run on 30 day cycles, so renting a new server for 30 days is now cheaper than what it costs to renew my current servers for 30 days. im not sure exactly how long its been like this but if its not normal then i estimate im maybe 100 or more out of pocket

    So, ive just been working out the total costs for running all my servers (31 in total)

    During which i used the price it costs to rent a new server with varied player slots.

    After creating my spreadsheet to allocate costs to each server based on its slot count i then proceeded to look at extending a server only to find i'm being charged more than what it costs to rent a whole new server.

    Do cost reductions not pass on to already purchased servers?

    Based on this i have worked out that the total extra i am paying is the equivalent to running 2 extra 20 slot servers or 1 extra 42 slot server....