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    Hi, I have the exact same problem on a 10 slot server with 2 people on the latest A19 version of 7 Days to Die (modded).

    We have tried anything : reinstalling the game, the mods ... I've cleared the players files in the server data as well. Those 2 players are stuck at the end of the loading screen hearing all sounds, while having no issue whatsoever in the console. As a connected admin, i do not have any warning/errors in the logs as well. They can join any single or other server without changing anything to their mod list.

    Our last thoughts is that, perhaps the server doesn't consider the number of players correctly...

    Indeed, the first 10 players that played could connect easily to the server. But even when they're disconnected, the last 2 players who joined the latest can't join at all.

    So, i'm wondering if 10 slots mean the server can't HANDLE 10 players at once - whoever they are - or if the server ACCEPTS 10 DIFFERENT players total...

    Nevertheless it would be weird, since between the two, one of the player actually managed to join the server, once. Counting as the 10th player in my list. He was stuck in the ground then, and i couldn't TP him (would never work). So i've had its files erased, i suppose he's counting as a 11th or 12th now.

    Thanks for any help, very much appreciated.

    OP, how many slots and players do you have on your server ?