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    Adding myself to this thread... same issue.…hrough_json#example_codes

    Followed these instructions to the letter, made sure all lines end with comma except for the final line.

    I confirm that the StatMultipliers work fine, the OverridEngram not, unsure of the LevelOverride as I have not gotten to max level yet (50 something?).

    It DOES seem to be an issue with the duplicate entries that JSON does not appear to handle.

    There also appears to be an extraneous comma at the end of the LevelOverride ... :359388,)" should probably be :359388)"

    Do you also need to update the MaxExperiencePoints? Seems like you would...

    People have mentioned a "File Browser" under the Tools in the Nitrado Atlas portal (same as ARK has).

    I have found a number of articles referencing using that to edit the ini files and even a screenshot that shows that feature used to exist, perhaps a year ago. It appears that access has been removed.