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    Im trying to disable the anti mesh system but its not working. I like building in-game but the mesh system on my server makes it hard to build nice things because of it. I tried to check the box that disables it under the general settings but it didn't work. I am in expert mode but i couldn't find the code in my game settings file. Does anyone know the code for expert mode files that will disable it also?

    So This hasn't happened before and I haven't done anything o the code, when I knock out a dino under level around 200 have no issue taming it and I have my taming speed multiplier on 10k and the food drain for wild dinos is decently fast so they tame in like 2-5 seconds however anything above that level after I knock it out the food just won't drain and so I can't tame anything above that level even if I wait 9 hours. My settings are on expert mode does anyone know how I can fix this so all levels will instant tame.

    I put 19aud in my account to make a donation then realized that you have to actually charge the account when donating not add the money to your account so I wasted 19 AUD and had to buy it again I think it would be cool if you could donate what's in your account balance not having to charge your account again because what if someone charges 15 dollars on there account then bought a 13 dollar server and had 2 dollars leftover and they wanted to donate it well now they can't because it is in there account balance and they don't want to spend extra when they already have it but just simply can't donate it donating should be the same as buying a server you charge your account then spend it separately on the server :thumbdown::thumbup:

    Im trying to donate to a server, i have money in my account and i was wondering in order to donate i have to put in card information can i not donate the money in my account balance how does it work because i just changed my currency to make this donation and it cost 20c to do that and i dont feel like spending another 19.63 aud when i already have it in my balance