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    Hi there, I've scoured the internet and forum and have been unable to find what I'm doing wrong..

    Running a Ragnarok map on a PS4 server and I am unable to get any code to work..

    ust to get some sort of success I am literally just lasting in apparently working codes from other posts I've seen here and still unable to see any spawns.

    Im posting in the below code into the gameusersettings.ini in the expert settings while the server is shut down, waiting and then restarting server with the command to kill all wild Dino's and still seeing no new spawns added.



    Is there something else I'm missing ? Do I need to add something else first into the code ? Am I posting it in the wrong place in the .ini file ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


    Tried to find this question but was unable to find anything similar..

    I have paid for a 30 day 10 slot server for Ark on PS4, if I choose to upgrade it now to 20 slots, will I lose the current days still left on the rent? So wil 21 days left turn to 21+30 or will it just reset back to 30 and lose the 21 days .

    Thank you in advance