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    Hello, people! I did a server update along with the vape. Everything is fine and as it was.But all weapons are born without magazines... Stores are displayed separately, but other attachments and stores are not.(

    I didn't touch the cfgspawnabletypes file, it worked fine before the update. Added only as val. Stores appear separately, types checked for errors everything is fine. also, the machines are spawned whole, so there is no error in cfgspawnabletypes

    My cfgspawnabletypes

    I found a way to remove all loot from the server. in the economy file, change the value of dynamic to set 0 everywhere. Make a restart, then return to 1. This method can be used to remove all machines, buildings

    I made a collection of loot on the server, things started to spawn again, but the server ignores the parameters from "cfgspawnabletypes" and spawns them as it wants...

    For example

    <type name="VSS">

    <attachments chance="1.00">

    <item name="KashtanOptic" chance="0.50" />

    <item name="PSO1Optic" chance="0.50" />


    <attachments chance="1.0">

    <item name="PSO11Optic" chance="1.00" />


    <attachments chance="1.00">

    <item name="Mag_VSS_10Rnd" chance="1.00" />



    I want vss to be with optics and store, but the server spavnt me it without optics and store.

    What is the problem?