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    You may want to contact Nitrado Support either by calling them or creating a ticket. Only they have access to your account and server.

    Here is the link-Support |

    Thank you.

    Thanks i will do that if it happens again. Restarting the server with the option to respawn all wild dinos seems to fix the issue at least i see otters and quetzels and equus now still no megalasaraus but i don't know if this means other dinos are now not spawning instead il keep an eye out but hopefully everything will be good now if i notice anything i will contact Nitrado. Thanks!

    Hello there, so i am new to nitrado i started using it 3 days ago and have set up a server for me and some friends and everything is great except for a few issues. I mainly use the nitrado app on my phone but for bigger edits i use my laptop and edit expert settings that way so I noticed that sometimes when i turn server off to make changes in expert mode (i have expert mode on always i never turn it off) in the gameusersettings.ini there are some settings that was not there like playercharacterfooddrain and water drain so i added the codes myself and it did work however few hours later when wanting to make some other changes i noticed for some reason playercharacterfooddrain was gone however the water drain was still in the code. I simply readded the fooddrain one and checked other settings i recently changed to make sure everything else was all good and it was i even saved the ini files to my pc in case it happens again.

    later on in the day i am playing on my server and i noticed that i don't see some creatures at all on the map ( The Center) i don't see otters , quetzels , megalosaurus on the map (could be other things missing too these are just what i noticed so far) . I find this odd because i know that the megalosaurus always spawns in a certain cave and i kept checking back but none appeared. Then i noticed i have not seen any quetzels either and later on when my friend wanted to get an otter we did not see any either when looking at their spawn points. I spawned in a fast flyer to explore the map and see if i can see any quetzels however i have seen none so i figured okay il turn server off go into general settings where there is an option you can checkmark the box that wipes all wild dinos on startup i figured maybe there is just too much dino population of other ones. After waiting 10-15 minutes i was ready to turn server back on but i wanted to check on gameusersettings.ini because i was curious if my settings were all good or changed again and the characterfooddrain and waterdrain was once again gone from the settings but other things i added / changed was still correct in the file.

    so the two issues i have currently are the changes for some reason are not reverting and yes i do click save and wait 10-20 minutes before putting server back up everytime and it is turned off for a good 5 minutes before i make any changes. The other issue is that some dinos are just not spawning.

    i did not make changes where you can adjust how much of a certain dino is spawned in or adjusted anything in there either.

    if anyone knows the issue or has any ideas on what i can try it would be greatly appreciated thanks!

    PvE mode is borky (my own example was not being able to pick up raptor-sized creatures with argents... AFTER turning AllowFlyerCarry on), so if you're playing with just friends and not making the server public - or even if you're making the server public, but are gonna be tough and good admin - switch the mode to PvP and tell everyone to play nice.

    I am playing on modded public server for one youtuber's patrons, and the mode is PvP, but we're playing PvE and if someone doesn't understand that, they're arseholes and are punished accordingly.

    So i actually figured out the issue. I went and turned friendly fire off and it fixed the issue i am now able to do everything i wanted. So the description in settings saying it’s only for pvp / only affects players is just inaccurate but not a big deal. The sky issue still flickering i can’t find a fix for but thankfully it’s very minor flickering SO FAR that is.

    Hello i recently purchased a server last night it is my first time using Nitrado.

    I went in settings and adjusted things the way i normally do when playing single player or non dedicated.

    However i ran into the issue that any dinos i tamed i can’t damage them. Wild dinos still damage them but i can’t now i went to check if it is friendly fire but the FF setting says it is for players and only works when pvp is enabled. I would like to stay PVE but if we hit eachother in same tribe or structure or tamed dinos would like to be able to damage things i tried googling for this solution tried a few settings.

    Dino resistance is not changed it is set to default so it’s not that.

    Another issue i have is currently i am on the center map and i noticed that the sky is flickering quite badly not sure why. I did turn off fog in the settings going to turn it back on and see if it fixes it.

    I am not in expert mode as i am new to nitrado and until i am better familiar with it would like to stay out of expert unless i have to go into it.

    If anyone knows a solution to these problems i would greatly appreciate it thanks!