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    FIRST OFF. DO *NOT* rent it from the pc site, go to your xbox, download the nitrado app and install it from there, the server renting here is for pc only, the only way to make a cross compatible ark is to rent it from the xbox as Microsoft gets the profits and starts the connections

    you will also need the microsoft store version of ark to play it with them as steam is NOT cross compatible with anything but the epic games version. sorry to tell you that

    third when you rent the server log into it here and make sure to TURN ON cross connection with pc in the settings!

    i have no idea what i am doing and if ANYONE at all wants to guide me through this i would appreciate it, i used winSCP to move all the files already but when i try to start the server it says the server is up yet wont show or even say its online for direct connection,where exactly do i put these at?


    do i put it in additional server mods or additional mods, if anyone wants to help me fix my load order it would be appreciated do i need to move some of these around or? what am i doing wrong, i also copied all the mod keys into the servers keys already. the wiki is no help and as usual EXTREMELY vague on what goes where.:(