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    This thread I am creating pertains the whitelist storage cap that has been found to be true(After my last thread I created), I have seen you guys tried to do a fix for the cap but failed (Horribly) at fixing the storage cap, I’m just wondering when we will see this cap gone as we have now had to wipe our whitelist 13 times (5 times prior to my last thread I created of this issue), it’s becoming more and more apparent that this needs to be addressed by myself and others as it seems you guys don’t see the issue with the cap, we have had to collaborate with bot creators (Jeabers) to try and create a “inactive whitelist” clearing system which is just something that shouldn’t even have to be thought of. we make these communities to try and achieve something huge, And we have continually been given issues with your servers, I’d like to see this issue addressed and given a working fix, rather then a fix that was taken away a day later because it seemed you guys didn’t even test the fix before making it live.

    I did state we have tested this and it’s a character limit, maybe your server did not meet the character limit as players can have extremely long usernames as well we have just released a livonia server and it as well hit a limit so it can’t be soley our servers as now it has expanded to 2 servers having this issue, especially for our servers to have this issue not once but now 3 times is an issue even if it is only our server

    As a server that has had this happen more than once the whitelisting seems to have a cap of 4800-5000 players and anything entered afterwards is deleted, we have looked into this each time and have made tickets with no absolutely no luck or even an answer as to why this is even an issue prior to this forum I am creating, It seems to be a character limit that caps at around 4800-5000 I’d like to bring this issue to light in hopes of Nitrado fixing this as it is a true hassle for owners/mods of a server having to wipe every month since this has begun and as a moderator for one of the biggest servers on PlayStation dayz (Conquest) that avidly whitelists is anything but good to have for a playerbase. I am unsure if this is only a issue for PlayStation servers or Xbox

    The unreliability of the servers not knowing wether or not the server is going to stay up or I am going to have to wait 2 hours for a response to a ticket I’ve made just to say as you have said “The server seems to be up” not acknowledging the problem I am reporting is just ridiculous, I shouldn’t have to worry about a server going down every single day to know that if it does I will most likely have the same issue arise if “fixed” the next day or just a few hours later.. The unreliability of server crashes or having whitelist issues with players and having them wait until a restart is just unacceptable I really just do not see a need for all of this to be ignored instead fix your servers so we can run communities and actually promote your servers in a good light rather than saying “well Nitrado is not as good as it should be there’s so many issues you have to deal with throughout the lifetime of your server, wether that be lag or poor customer service”