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    Well...after resetting xml files, attempting to restore from almost every single backup available, and even completely reinstalling two or three times (none of which fixed the issue..), on a whim I tried clicking the "default settings" button at the bottom right of the general settings page...and within a couple of minutes, the server started up! I have no way of knowing if that little red button was the key to fixing the problem or the server just randomly fixed itself...but at least its back up! Practically 2 days down...SMHX/

    I am dealing with the same issue. My server is relatively new and I am still fine tuning the settings. I thought maybe I had screwed up a string of code somewhere and perhaps that was the issue. However, after doing a complete reinstall, resetting the xml files, the problem persists. The install process finished and the server started and was up for a couple of minutes, but then it spontaneously initiated a restart and has been stuck again for the past 20 minutes...smh