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    Day 5 and still no working server. No response from Nitrado. Been on creative now locally building blueprints as I wait. I might end up having to go to another server provider if not fixed in a couple of days. Id hate to do that cause normally my Nitrado servers have been good to me till this game. ;(

    I may have a solution or those wanting to at least start a vanilla server. I was just able to start and load into it, Hopefully this works for yall.
    1. Uninstall Space Engineers from Switch game menu.
    2. Choose to install an Ark: Survival Evolved server. (Not sure it has to be Ark. Let us know if it works with other games.)
    3. Let it install and wait till server up and running.
    (I have Ark so I was able to test to see if it was working. It does. This MAY be optional for those who dont have Ark.)

    4. Uninstall Ark from "Switch Game" menu
    5. Install Space Engineers.
    6. Wait till everything is loaded (I did not touch the config menu!) Try to connect.

    For me the game loaded up for the first time in over 2 days with no issues and no lag or errors. Of coarse its default Vanilla. Right now Im going to go back and try to config a vanilla server with the setting I want. NO MODS. WIll try mods after a successful login to fully functional server.

    Update: The moment I changed my config (Like adding server name yadayada). Server Host has left the game Loop........ ;(

    Well, this isnt going well. Changing server location didnt work. I get Server Host has left the game loop no matter what I do now. Day 3, I dont know what to do next except wait for my ticket to be responded.

    Meh.....I just did full delete and reinstall, I wanted to have everything fresh to at least get a vanilla server running. Guess what? Server Host has left the game loop.
    Sigh....One more restart....
    I think what helped me fix this last time was switching my server from NY->LA.....then back again. Gives ya a new physical server. I'll post my results if I have to do it if this restart doesnt help.

    Its the mods I found for me. right now. They arent properly downloading them anymore from steam. In the logs I get a timeout for each mod and then a line after that says : Exception while loading world: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path1. Then it restarts the server over and over. Have u tried not adding any mods? I was able to start a vanilla game but thats about it. I even FTP all my mods into the Mod folder of both main directories. But I cant seem to get appworkshop file to see them and continues to try downloading them . If there is anyone who has that file working with mods can they post a copy of what the command lines are for the installed mods?

    ANd the reason why the RAM so low is because the server isnt getting fully started. After it even says its started its working on downlaoding mods but then server restarts soon after cause of errors.

    Are u guys running mods? I have same issue where server keeps restarting as of today, ended up reinstalling and even changing locations back and forth to no avail. I removed mods (WeaponCore Defense Shields Mexpex pack1 and homing) started a vanilla game and it works fine. Moment I added back weapon core or defense shields The loop started again.

    I got the same response to my ticket. They would move the server to a new machine. And yes it did work for about 5 hours, till sudden crash and then back to the loop.
    I ended up reinstalling everything....didnt work, switched to another location NY>LA.....still got the loop. Switched back to NY. Still got loop. Removed the 6 mods I had listed(WeaponCore/Defense shilds and few weapons) and reinstalled. FINALLY got into a vanilla game....but it was having issues and I couldnt get admin to work or use tools. Restarting didnt help. Tried to just add Weapon Core Mod. Got the loop. Removed Weapon Core, it tries to get in game but then says server not found after a few tries. Still havent gotten in game again.... 6 hours now of bust'n my arse.