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    "Hopefully we at least get credited for the days we've missed out on" That would be nice, we rented the server just to play space engineers, and from a total of 8 days we were not able to play for 4 now (and increasing).

    Our server was moved with a new IP too, and nothing changed.

    We have tried creating a new world and deleting everything but the server still doesn't work (while downloading everything to a machine of our own worked perfectly).

    Two whole days not being able to play :(

    We are having the same issue.

    We have been playing for some days, and today like 7 hours ago, the server stopped working.
    After several tries of creating a new one/removing mods, now the message is that of "Server host has left the game" and we cannot connect anymore.

    So no idea on how to fix that :S (we have not been able to connect since then)