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    I think it sounds like most people have support tickets already open relating to this issue, but I guess they could be updated to ask about payments given they haven't been able to access the server.

    I have 14 days left on my server now, but I've only been able to play for 1 day before this issue started happening. I've had a support ticket open since the 9th but have yet to receive a reply about the continued issue. I don't mind if someone is working on it but the continued silence is unnerving.

    Thanks for letting us know, at least this seems like an option for those who want to play immediately.

    Its the mods I found for me. right now. They arent properly downloading them anymore from steam. In the logs I get a timeout for each mod and then a line after that says : Exception while loading world: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path1. Then it restarts the server over and over. Have u tried not adding any mods? I was able to start a vanilla game but thats about it. I even FTP all my mods into the Mod folder of both main directories. But I cant seem to get appworkshop file to see them and continues to try downloading them . If there is anyone who has that file working with mods can they post a copy of what the command lines are for the installed mods?

    ANd the reason why the RAM so low is because the server isnt getting fully started. After it even says its started its working on downlaoding mods but then server restarts soon after cause of errors.

    Unfortunately I didn't get much of a reply from my last message on support, only that it should start and populate appropriately. Which didn't answer the questions I had about restoring it so I could try again. However, since then I reinstalled the server, no mods installed but using my previous settings, and I'm still getting the host issue.

    At this point I have no idea what to do, I did wonder about installing the mods manually but as I can't even get the game working without any mods that seems like a fools errand. I guess I'll just raise another ticket seeing as they closed my last one.

    Since my original post I did have a response and was moved onto a different IP. The person who responded did mention that it could have been caused by changing mods mid save, and wasn't 100% on whether the change to a new IP would completely fix the problem.

    So yesterday after testing and it didn't work, I saved all my settings and my mods, re-installed (to get rid of the world save) but haven't been able to get back on. I'm not getting the host issue, but now it seems to just be kicking my back to the main menu whenever I try to join. My ticket is still open, I'll update when I have more info.

    Just to add that I stopped and restarted the server but since I haven't actually been able to start the server again. Looking at the RAM usage on the server it's a lot lower than it was when the server was running though, 200mb currently so something definitely doesn't seem right.

    I've been having a fair bit of trouble with the server since setting up, although I have been able to play for a good few hours without any issues as well. Then today the server kicked me out for some reason, then started it's restart loop for a while, but since it stabilised I keep getting the 'Server Host has left the game' error. I've connected to other official servers fine, so I don't think it's me.

    Anyone else encountered this issue before and has any idea how it's fixed? Admittedly we do have a lot of mods running on the server, but as it was working earlier for a good 30 minutes or so, I don't think that's necessarily the issue.