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    So, I was able to find the harvest code HarvestAmountMultiplier=25.0 and manually add it in to the game.ini but when i restarted the server the gather rate was still 1.. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    So say I want to edit character and dino stats. 1 point into health adds however much I made the setting.


    The example above is what is should look like but with added words to the side of the numbers, i do not have the option to edit any of it because its not showing up. Would you like me to copy and paste my game.ini into this?

    SO i recently started renting a server, and I have majority of the settings down and good to go, but it seems that my player and dino stats settings arent showing up in the game .ini load, neither the gameusersettings .ini making it to where i cannot customize my character stat and dino stat settings. My harvest/gather rate setting is also not showing up. Everything is offical stats right now. Please help.