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    Just set up my new server, it finally installed and initialized, but won't open the admin interface so I can edit game settings and etc. When trying to access the Admin-Web interface, it attempts to load for about 2 minutes then fails with a 504 Gateway Time-out. Anyone have any ideas?

    That means the connection is timing out when you try to load the page. Mine takes a while to load, but has never timed out at least.

    That'd be an issue on Nitrado's end. You'll just be told to contact support, so I'll save em the time lol, here's the support link.

    Another possibility is your server is set up as experimental and your personal game settings are not. Just go to settings and check the experimental box. Also is your sever password protected? If so that box on your server search settings needs checked

    The client will change to experimental mode if the server has it enabled. It doesn't hide the server, it will just enable when you join, so I don't think that would contribute to this issue.

    I've had this issue on-and-off since I bought my server as well, all I can do is keep hitting Y after I search for my server name to refresh the list. Usually on the third or fourth refresh it'll pop up.

    You also don't need additional search options checked to find a password-protected server. Mine has a password and all I do is search for the name, hit Y a few times, select the server, enter the password, and play.

    It obviously is hard if it's not here lol

    I assume it's security related since in SE you can script, which literally compiles code, and can be bad for consoles since someone could access parts of the OS that shouldn't be available.

    That's really the only thing I can think of, and it's not a small thing. Running and compiling unsigned code has always been disabled on consoles to try to prevent console hacking.

    You can obviously disable scripts/experimental mode, but that doesn't mean the game doesn't have the ability to compile and run unsigned code, which I assume is part of the issue.

    Also because rcon sends commands to the server, which itself could have security issues as well. Someone could find a way to send shellcode through the client and do whatever they want on the OS. I'd bet that once they figure it out on the web interface, all it would do is send an rcon command to promote the player to admin. But they don't want anyone to be able to send whatever commands they want. Again, because security concerns.

    I'm not sure if you can rcon on other games on here for Xbox (Ark, etc), but if you can then I'm not sure about why rcon is disabled, other than you might be able to send code through rcon that can be compiled.

    It really all just screams hacking they're probably working with Keen and Microsoft to figure out how to do it in a secure way.

    As far as I know they're "working on it". Apparently it was an issue with Microsoft, but they're making a section in the Web Interface called "Player Control". Right now it only let's you ban people, but they're saying you'll be able to promote to admin with it soon. /shrug

    That is not working at all, no players show up in that jet again broken function.
    They should not disable a working way to get admin for one that is not working at all.

    Especially on a lie, because of access to xbox live user ID as that can not been seen even with vrage remote client or 3party app access to vrage remote api.
    Those objects are prived and they can't be accessed using vrage remote api.

    Players are assigned a UUID for the server, it doesn't matter if it's Xbox or not. It'll just generate unique IDs for players when they connect, then you can use those IDs. That was before though, when I was able to connect using the VRage client. And yeah, the graphs and stuff for player count, etc, don't work. I was told it's something that doesn't have a workaround currently. (I'm not sure why they wouldn't just hide that element for Xbox servers though, but meh)

    Had a few questions to ask pertaining to this company. Edit: this is for Ps4

    1. Is Nitrado the only way to go about renting a server for me and my friends?
    2. Is it a safe/reliable place (my card info and such) to engage in?
    3. Anyone have any experience in doing business with them? Are you satisfied with this company?
    4. Should I be apprehensive due to the idea that my server could be shut down by wild card for any given reason?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. As said above there are many other providers, but I'm not sure of any PS4 ones off the top of my head.

    2. HTTPS doesn't guarantee protection. However I haven't seen any complaints about payment security on these forums, and it's highly unlikely that using your card from Nitrado would be the cause of a potential issue. I bought my server on the Microsoft Store (Xbox Space Engineers server), but most sites (most sites, I can't speak for Nitrado as I don't know) use third-party payment vendors that are certified to handle payments (example: Paying for a service using PayPal from a different site), and those are primarily the targets for security issues like I assume you're talking about.

    3. I'm a customer...and it's been kind of a mixed bag for me. I've been extremely unsatisfied with my purchase, however I do understand that my frustration is because of limitations set by Microsoft. Nitrado support seems to good if you're writing a support ticket, but my call with them wasn't that great. I guess in general I'm aware my situation is unique so I can't complain too much. Their web interface seems to have bugs sometimes (not just for me, just search around these forums a little), but they're usually not game breaking. More like UI bugs such as player count being incorrect on the interface, some charts not displaying data correctly, etc. If you're interested I'd say give it a test run by getting a cheaper server (as in time, not quality (since you can't customize hardware on game servers, only their large game clusters which I don't remember the name of), I'm not sure if all games on here start at 30-days, but if so then just do that) and if you're not happy just find a different provider.

    I will say however I'm very happy scripting works in SE on console hardware, although I can't do much without admin that'd I'd like to do, I am able to write and compile on console hardware, which I assume in itself was a challenge. (for Keen and probably for Nitrado too)

    4. I doubt it. As said above Nitrado isn't Wild Card, so I'd assume as long as you're following Nitrado's ToS you'll be fine.

    Not sure if this forum is only for Nitrado-related development, if so feel free to delete this post.

    Taking scripts requests for Space Engineers.

    Mainly I'm just bored and figured while I'm here (waiting for admin on my Xbox server :rolleyes:) I might as well contribute how I can.

    Just let me know what you want, and try to be as specific as possible.


    I was able to connect to my server remotely via VRage Remote Client two days ago, but now am unable to connect. No settings have been changed as far as I am aware. Is there something wrong internally or has remote api been disabled as well as config file editing?

    As far as I know they're "working on it". Apparently it was an issue with Microsoft, but they're making a section in the Web Interface called "Player Control". Right now it only let's you ban people, but they're saying you'll be able to promote to admin with it soon. /shrug

    Yeah I've borked my save by starting in survival, but switching to creative to paste in some blueprints, then switching it back to survival.

    It works on a local save, so I expected it to just switch back like it would.

    But nope, the world is all broken. My blueprint was there, so everything "worked"... But no AI at all (even with all the encounters/AI enabled), some players are seeing blocks placed while others are not, and other issues. I just went ahead and reinstalled the server. I'm basically just waiting around until they allow admin again, then I can start a survival world and enable creative for admin to get my blueprint pasted. Hopefully then the save will be fine.

    Until then, you basically just get a generic world. The only thing that works (as far as experimental settings, etc on Xbox) is scripting, so at least there's that. :S

    Question....may sound dumb, but I can't find out where to view your tickets. Only creating new ones.... No link in sight on the sight.

    Click the Nitrado link at the top (the one to the left of Forum), and if you're logged in you can hover over your name at the top and click "My Support Requests" in the submenu that pops up.

    At least scripting works lol. You can use Visual Studio and the MDK to write scripts, then publish them to Then you can subscribe to scripts on and pull them in through a Programmable Block. (Only works on experimental mode)

    But yeah other than that... /shrug

    Called support to try to get a quicker response, they basically just said give them a few days for remote API/getting admin or something...

    Guess I got two days free added on the server, but won't be able to do much without being admin.

    Had to call multiple times because it kept saying there were too many callers, so I just kept calling and ended up being 5th in not a big queue. The guy was rushing too, which was irritating considering I'm paying for this.

    He said they were working on admin but they didn't know that field was visible, and said it should not have been. It seemed to all work for me, even this morning, until I tried to restart the server...then the field was gone.

    I'm not sure why it was taken out if it seemed to be working for me, but there's obviously a reason. I guess we'll have to wait, he said we'll see new tools soon so that "Player control" might be what he's talking about.

    Now I get to play on a generic server with nothing special about it, when I finally had it working... :S:S:S

    I hope this is addressed soon, if not I'll just call Microsoft and get a refund. :rolleyes:

    I had a configuration profile saved with RemoteApiEnabled set to true, so I restored that profile but still can't connect using the VRage client. I assume they somehow turned this functionality off soon as I figured it out. :rolleyes:

    Kind of sucks since I only need admin for a few minutes to spawn in some planets, but meh I guess I'll wait for support to reply. (I have asked them about the remote API field being gone)

    Alright so after reinstalling and waiting everything seems to be working...however now I noticed in my settings I don't see the remote API password, so can't make myself admin anymore.

    There is a new tool called "Player control" which I hoped would let me grant a player admin, but the list of players is empty even while I'm logged in to the server.

    I was able to make myself an admin earlier today, but did a test restart to make sure it wouldn't loop. After doing that my remote API password field vanished, and I'm unable to connect using the VRage client. I'm talking with support, but I might try to reinstall again to get admin. I only need it to spawn a few planets, then I planned on making it a survival server.

    I guess I'll reply again once I know more.

    Sucks you're having those issues. So far I haven't not experienced anything like that I'm playing with very custom setting in experimental mode.

    Still trying to figure out how to get admin, mind sharing how you managed to do that?

    Did a reinstall and had issues connecting, but now it seems to be fine, I just need to spawn the planets I had again. I spawned in around 6 planets initially, so that may have contributed to my issues... I'll respond here in the morning once I find out if the server is still up. *fingers crossed*

    To get admin download SteamCMD (here is the link to that Wiki if you're interested) and extract it somewhere in it's own folder. (I have mine at D:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe)

    Then open a command prompt and navigate to that directory. So for me I'd see:

    1. C:\Users\user>d:
    2. D:>cd steamcmd

    Once you're there you can download the SE dedicated server:

    1. C:\steamcmd>steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir REPLACE_ME +app_update 298740 +quit

    Make sure you replace "REPLACE_ME" with a directory you want to install the server in, I usually do the same directory as steamcmd:

    1. C:\steamcmd>steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir d:\steamcmd +app_update 298740 +quit

    Wait for that to finish downloading, then once it's completed just type exit to close that. Then you can open the folder you installed that in (so for me I open my file explorer and go to D:\steamcmd and you'll see a bunch of stuff. Double click steamapps -> common -> SpaceEngineersDedicatedServer -> DedicatedServer64 and you'll see VRageRemoteClient.exe Open that and type anything you want for Name (that's just naming the profile), but for Remote URL enter http://your server's IP here, and you enter the port that you see at the bottom of your server dashboard where it says "Rcon Port". Set the Security Key to the remote API password in your general settings for the server.

    Once you connect click the Admin Tools tab. Make sure you're logged into the server on your console and you'll see your name in the Online section on the right side. Click your name and just promote yourself until it says you're admin on the console, and you'll see four asterisks (****) as the rank.


    Same thing is happening to a lot of Xbox Space Engineers servers...and seems to be a big issues from what I can see on this site as a whole, and I've only been here for about a day.

    If I get a reply on my support ticket that actually helps me I'll be happy, but from what I can tell their support seems to be very bad. I'm already regretting my purchase and wish I had done some more research on Nitrado first. :rolleyes:

    The transparency from Nitrado is amazing... I see few responses from anyone that isn't a customer.

    Edit: Noticed this was marked as resolved, but there was still no comment on the cause of the loops.