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    Is it possible to save your server data (like players, tames, buildings, etc.) for a server and then upload it later? I'm not sure if I should renew my server right now because my friends are distracted by Valheim so I'd love to let the server expire and then be able to come back to it later.

    I thought that I'd add some interesting results I've had for those interested - it IS possible to add Rock Drakes (and their eggs spawning!) on Crystal Isles AND you can add Reaper Queens to Valguero *for console without mods*!

    The trick for Rock Drakes is that you have to add them manually in the right place. If you fly over to the flying islands and enter the rock drake cave past the waterfall on the right, under the big crystal, you can summon a bunch of rock drakes in that cave area and over time, some of the nests will populate with eggs! Summon the drakes with the command a bunch: cheat summon rockdrake_character_bp_c. I am testing to see if I can get them spawning in the ini file but if you are okay with occasionally flying over in admin mode and spawning a bunch manually, it *will work*. This ALSO means that you can tame the basilisks on CI with said Rock Drake eggs! Definitely worthwhile and if you're a server admin for a lot of players, you can even make it a weekend event or something fun so it's less of a chore and less demanding to keep adding them every day or so.

    As for Reaper Queens, you can do the same thing on the Valguero map in the radiation zone, spawning them manually: cheat summon xenomorph_character_bp_female_c.

    I don't think they spawn properly using the automatic entry in the ini file but I can confirm that if you spawn them manually, they will burrow and do their thing. My understanding is that they need a radiation zone to live in, and that's why they will work on Valguero but that might be why they aren't working on Crystal Isles.

    I know it might not help specifically in this case, but if you're looking to have a map with Reapers which doesnt require the Aberration expansion, you can do it on Valguero. If you want Rock Drakes, you can do it on Crystal Isles.

    Let me know if you have any success with Reapers on Crystal Isles tho because I would love a map with everything on it!

    My friends playing on PC (Win10/gamepass version) have been having issues with flora not rendering into the world. I'm playing on Xbox Series X and I have had no issues but I'm frankly at a loss as to what to recommend to my friends. They have restarted their games to help a bit but the problem keeps coming back. Anyone have any recommendations for them? Is there a particiular setting which might help with this issue? I don't play on PC so I'm not sure if the issue is client-side and since all 3 of my friends had the same problem, I'm hoping there's a fix.

    I have scoured the online interface and I can't seem to find any information about how to add time to my server. It's frustrating since this seems like something that should be front-and-center. Any help is appreciated.

    So I was making some minor updates to my server and one of them changed it so that "PreventOfflinePVP=True" instead of false and it reset the server back to day 1 and restoring backups had had no success. Now it's in a restart loop. Does ORP do that to the server normally or is it likely some other change that's causing the problem? Or is this just another case of "Ark being Ark" and I need to file a ticket?

    I've had so many issues over the years with Nitrado. They always get fixed but not nearly quickly enough and have never compensated for downtime, which seems pretty crappy all things considered.

    mine is also in new york.

    Here's another thought: the one that's not working has the first two sets of the IP address as follows: 31.214. The other two servers start with different sets.

    Maybe a server rack is broken?

    I filed a ticket hours ago. It's weird because of the three servers I have, two are totally fine and it's just one not starting. I've tried restoring different backups and nothing matters. It tries to start up and then inevitably stops again. Not sure what to do. I thought it was the Valguero map but I've heard from someone else that their Valguero map was working and that Aberration was stopping. I dunno. Probably just needs to be fixed locally.

    I similarly have a server that's not starting up. I've tried restoring backups in various ways and nothing has worked.

    If Nitrado is going to offer services internationally, they should make sure there is someone available 24/7

    I've tried it before with no success. Do you mean a complete server wipe?

    Also, I tried it with a different account and I was able to log out and back in no problem. It just seems to be one particular xbox account

    So this has happened to me several times and it happened to a friend last night on our dedicated nitrado xbox server: if you log off on Ragnarok, the next time you log into the server you are prompted to create a new character. This happens every time. The previous character is there but for some reason it seems that the server doesnt associate your xbox account with the character. I can fix this with admin commands but right now I have an entire server that no one can set up a base on. Is there a server setting that is causing this? I have two other servers clustered to this one and there are no problems on those, only the ragnarok one.

    Can someone help me figure out how to export and save all of my server data? I started a primitive+ server and the mode is still pretty buggy but I don't want my progress to just disappear. Is it possible for me to export the server data with all of my dinos, buildings, etc. so I can import it later? I don't just want the setting exported (I know how to do that).