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    the spawn entry name is irrelevant. Logically i can call it whatever. My logic paths have been correct. If i were to configadd only one dino in each region, it works. But once we add more than one it doesnt. And adding a configadd for each dino doesnt work either. Im missing something... smh

    This is one of the lines we have. Each line is for a region that we wanted to add spawns too.


    Currently working on code for an Ark server. Been using config codes from gamepedia page. Sometimes configadd works, sometimes not. Cant figure out why. My logic is correct, have had three people check parentheses and commas, the works. Any help or ideas?

    We are spawning abb and extinction dinos on a rag server. Have had success with single single dinos added tona region, but when i add more than one to a region spawn it doesnt seem to work.