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    Mine is working now as well. I went into switch game, uninstalled 7 days and then reinstalled experimental. After a little bit it comes up to the default map and then you can go into settings to set everything up. Mine was up pretty quickly after that.

    I can confirm, I did the exact thing... loaded in... Anyone wanna let the team at Nitrado know? :P

    Wow all night, no answers to forums or emails? Is Nitrado even a working host anymore? Come on.. a simple answer is not hard.. good or bad.. its lack of communication that kills a company.


    Servers still in constant Restart Loops ? Any ETA on when they'll work/load properly?

    It looks like they are working on it at least. My logs are showing A20 now, and its constantly restarting, without me doin anything. So I'm remaining hopeful I can still check it out tonight, if not.. an early start with a hot cup of coffee isnt bad either :)

    hello :)

    The installations are being deployed please remember to have the experimental version installed. If you don't have this version you can change it on the section "switch game"
    Installation could take a few hours to be completed.

    Heck yes! Best Monday news ever! <3 I assume that is why we are getting these weird errors, because of the deploy? I did send an email to support to look into it, but sounds like it could be why.

    Check back later! 8)

    I'm having the same errors, I submitted a ticket cause I wasnt sure what it was doing. It's also (or was) stuck in a restart loop. They are probably updating files to the experimental for us.. hopefully..

    I am bored.

    Do we have to do anything to update our experimental versions on the hosted server once they do update from 19.6? Or will they automatically do it, especially for new servers?

    Thanks - Curious