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    Hi, we've been having problems with our two servers since yesterday. They were already in a cluster and worked fine until then. We already had troubles with the cluster and fixed it by generating a new id, so we shut them both down and tried to generate a new one on the main server, but couldn't.

    We already tried several methods: set notributedownloads to true, disable all crossark settings and crossark itself, restart both server for 10 minutes, shut them down and set everything back again, to no avail.

    We also tried setting a manual Cluster ID on the web interface but that didn't work either.

    Tried renaming both server, tried different browsers and deactivated adblockers, different people as well, all to no avail, the button to generate a new Cluster ID doesn't do anything.

    I opened a ticket yesterday though I'm still waiting on an answer that isn't auto generated.

    Servers: Extinction (main) Valguero_P