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    Has anyone had the problem of there whitelist vanishing ??
    It has been perfectly fine for 2 months now decides to disappear

    It still has the whitelist tick on saying its active but no box with the names ?

    hey ..i dont know if its the same but the server i use for day z has done this. I noticed when i changed the name of the server it happened, so i changed it to something simplier and it sorted it out.

    but it could be a file , have a think of when it was working fine and then work out the file you changed after , it could be that
    alternatively, go to back up restore and restore Missions, data and ps4 to times when you kow it was working...the only problem with that is you will lose all progress from that time forward...but it should solve the issue

    im not sure unfortunately. Try checking out Scalespeed gaming on you tube, he has a tutorial on youtube and he is very easy to listen to .
    I personally have found this update to be an absolute nightmare. Flying cars, lots of error messages and lag now cows and bear hords in the same area. The server i run was running amazing before all this . Nightmare

    For Day Z the update was installed. What i had to do wihtout wiping the server was click the default missons box in settings, press save then restart. Once restarted untick the box then save then go thorugh your files and arrange accordingly. If the ASVAL is there then it should of worked fine. Its a bit of pain going back through your files but suprisingly it doesnt take that long . I copied and pasted some formats straight back over and if you have backed files up then some of them can be uploaded straight over. I found for me that it was mainly Spawnable Types, Types and Events i had to do
    Hope this helps

    Hi mate. Did you find anything for the Day z update

    I was just wondering if a new update is coming to the PS4 server?

    I have updated on the console but i can't find anything available for the files on here ?

    i have barely changed anything. i don't understand by putting say the m4s nominal up to 15 and then removing say the Mk II pistol make such a dramatic impact on the server and literally remove everything and nothing lots at all .. i don't get it .I have raised a ticket so lets see what they say . Thanks

    Thanks for the replies. I spoke to Nitrado direct and they found that some of the files didnt have the same names as before the change so it was confusing the specific file.
    For example i had Globals.backup1.1.21 but then changed it back to Globals.xml and it seems to have taken affect...However .
    The Vehicles even though they have been despawned many times over 3-4 weeks, still are not the way i have inputted them in.
    They should come with all parts but not all do which is still kind of odd.
    Also whats happening now is after i up just some of the types a little bit.... for example 15 M4 nominal instead of 10 , i find the loot cycling good for a few days and then it just all disappears. I have a server that quite a few people play and they go from town to town and nothing, so i have to go to a previous back up restore but that takes out any minor adjustments i want to make to the files ....
    Does anyone else have these problems and if so how can i get around these

    Hi Guys. I seem to be having a problem on my server with car issues.
    They have killed people several times, flipping when what seems to be a wheel missing on them etc
    Some points you go through the floor or have ended up swimming. Its very strange and ive been playing day z a while on the ps4 and never seen that problem. Can anyone recommend any way to stop this at all or why it does this .

    Hi Everyone.
    I was wondering if someone can enlighten me to the xml file changes.
    I have changed various xml files especially the vehicle parts and zombie spawns etc but nothing seems to be taking affect.
    Is this a gradual thing and it will change over time ?
    I know you can reinstall it and it should take affect however id prefer not to do this as i have a community and a trader built on day z so id rather not start again if possible ? Regards

    that doesnt seem to work for me. Not sure what im doing wrong but the countdown is out of sync. for example it says server will shut down in 45 minutes and theres only 10 minutes left until auto shutdown

    Can i ask do you have the auto restart on aswell as the message shutdown in the files ?

    Thanks for that ,however i dont understand how you write the seperate messages for the times?

    so say if i write server shutdown in 60,45,30,15,5 etc in the text , wont it just say the same on every message ?

    if possible could you write it down for me exactly how it looks and then ill just copy what you suggest, that would be great.

    I will also change to 3 hours if its recommended to work better

    thank you

    Hi. Can anyone help me set up the restart warning times so they are every 60,30,15 and 5 minutes please

    I have set up the time so it is 6 hours restart which is working

    I can see how to write one message but i cant see how to write the multiple of different warning times


    ive tried everything you suggested buddy, i have even reinstalled it and kept the default settings with the default name and still no joy at all

    little frustrating now but i appreciate your suggestions.

    Yes ive tried that and it says server busy so wont let me reinstall server.

    Could the name of the server be an issue. I have kept it simple but nothing seems to be working.

    It restarts itself even if hit the stop button.

    I sent a ticket off several hours ago but unfortunately i havent heard anything

    5 hours ive been trying to get in haha