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    I've started logging out in the home servers or freeport then logging back in there seems to keep the lag down. I've reported it to support as well. If I hear anything I'll let you know.

    I have told everyone same advice dont logoff on the expansions but the main server is nearly always full so its forcing people to stay and log in an off expansions so I hope it's fixed soon I hazard a guess at we have to wait for a new client update

    it gets worse so expansions restarted randomly and when came back on everything on them has been wiped players ships builds everything and tried install backups which were 36 hrs old joke that need 15 min backups like ark and they dont work still everything wiped total waste of time since the last update

    Go back to Support and explain you feel strongly it is not an island issue as it worked before the update. That is what I would do.

    I can't look at your account or servers as Moderators do not have access. I am a volunteer (~3yrs).

    Yeah I know you cant I've sent them a reply saying what issue is and what's causing it but had no reply yet..

    Do you know if I was to remove the expansions from the grid and then reinstall them would that delete any data that's on them like players bases ect or is all that stored on only the main server

    Yeah, 9 islands you should be fine. I know of servers with 12. Although the boss does need to be on its own server as per recommendation from GS.

    So that isnt the issue.

    Go back to Support and suggest to them to check the IP/ports for the connections between the 2. High ping rates for all players is a server/game load issue more than likely.

    only got 1 boss island on each expansion for that reason and its definitely a server or that update issue as every single player who logs off on an expansion server when they relog they have the high lag it's that bad it actually freezes your xbox atleast 20 players have confirmed this today after testing it but support just say remove islands our expansion servers are unplayable

    nitrado support really is a joke their reply about issue was to remove islands from grid to improve performance those very islands that have been fine for weeks now until the 401 update why any game developer chooses nitrado is beyond me 😂

    for those that have blank maps on expansions

    It seems anyone who logs out on expansions when they relog they will have blank maps again not ideal but workaround is to travel to home server and relog then the expansion maps work for them until they logoff from expansions again and have to repeat travel to home server relog maps work hopefully they fix it soon

    anyone know how find steamid on xbox ? Showmyadminmanager is still broken and cant use any commands that require steamid as cant find it asked support and they said nitrado dont offer tools to find ids so why on earth have commands that require the I'ds

    the only way i have found a steamid is 2 breed 2 animals and once you imprint it will say raised by xxxx and the steamid is rite below the players in game name

    Thanks helped to get my own id so now just need way to find other players ids