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    hello :)

    CS is more focused on server performance, in checking that everything works fine and you don't have connection problems, they don't give support on plugins or configuration because that's what the forum or our discrod community channel is for, where you can search or post the doubts you have on any specific configuration topic.

    What is humorous about your statement is the fact that this issue IS based on server performance that CS does NOT want to admit. If it was bothered to be read above, it was stated already that this server has NOTHING on it, there are NO Plugins and NO Population on it as it is a testing server. And now? Now it won't even turn on ,costing me time and money.

    Not to mention, yet again I have been directed to this forum from CS as I still can't get it working because no one gives a rats behind. It's a freaking 3 ring circus. Now, I am beginning to wonder if this "service" isn't a scam because this is NOT proper business

    Does Nitrado really expect people to like their service when CS says to make a ticket, you submit, then they respond saying to take it to their Forums....all the while, Nitrado says " We can't help you here" and you rinse and repeat only to be told the same thing,again. So, someone here please tell me again what is the point of this forum?

    I suspect they suggested for you to come here as it was not server hardware related.

    You could check your logs and see if you see any. Could also try a reinstall if you wish.

    Otherwise you will need to reach back out to support. Include the things you have tried, and reviewed.


    Doagen, I know you get a lot of these man but please understand that this is not the case. Someone here is pulling my chain. I HAVE re installed my server but for what reason? I have no pop, I have NOTHING on it. The map, hell it only has terrain, no assets,pre fabs or's bare. I have NO plugins. NO Errors...NOTHING, this is impossible for you to say that it's not hardware related. IMPOSSIBLE


    edit: Not to mention, it JUST occurred AGAIN as I was typing this. How?

    This map and server have the lowest amount of data on ANY server you host, I guarantee it. This should NOT be happening


    Please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate.

    We do not have access to your server/account here.

    Thank you

    LOL ::facepalm:: First thing I did. They told me to come here!!

    Ok, I would like to know how is it my Rust server is Disconnecting & Re connecting. This is the 13th time in 2 days that I have come on as well to find that my server is plain turned off.

    I should probably state that this is a test server, there is no population, there are no plug ins, and a map size smaller than default with hardly ANY entity's or assets. In other words, I have a Rust map that is smaller than a default in size,with nothing on it , no errors and no people and I can't get anything stable? Really?

    If I was even remotely considering your services for a populated server does this mean that this is what my players and I will be used to?

    Because no, I won't even let it get that far as there are waaaay to many host providers out there.

    Just want to know

    Attempting to setup payment for a server but for the life of me I am not seeing the fields to add CC info. When I click on the tab for payment source it takes me back to the initial setup page?