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    Alright, thank you!
    For the future, it would be nice to have things like this announced, dunno what connection you have to nitrado, but even a social media statement would be awesome :)

    Me and my server have been having regular trouble with 2 different types of disconnects today.

    1. Server Host Disconnect

    This one just kicks you out to the main menu and you have to rejoin, when this happens you can see the Ping of the Server jumped into the 200+ range.

    2. Shootergame disconnect script

    this opens up a box of script, closes the game, and when you try rejoining it tells you "This player already joined" and you must go to task manager and end any Steam tasks in order to rejoin

    I am wondering if there are any known fixes or causes for any of this, as we have been able to play without issue before today.

    Any assistance or insight would be much apppreciated.

    -Loyal Nitrado Customer, EBAH

    P.S. Will attempt to get screenshots here as it happens repeatedly