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    Hello, there are many ways to do this (you can read it at Gamepedia Server Configuration )

    you can use "ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer" to let them spawn at an area

    or "ConfigOverrideNPCSpawnEntriesContainer" to overwrite the Container

    or "NPCReplacements" to change dinos

    but i need say, that i don´t usw this to add Dinos from DLC to a map, who don´t had a natural spawn of them

    but for the most Map dinos you can find mods on the workshop and if you don´t want use all of them, you can use "NPCReplacements" and set them to -> "" <-

    Cross Abarration
    Scorched Earth Anywhere

    I write the drop code self and all of them works fine, but I don´t use the Beacon on my server. If you find the right Class String like "SupplyCrate_Level15_C" you can change them


    you can find the String on the beacon app or sites like Config Override Crafting Costs

    i think it is a "normal" problem, because i have the same isue, that I don´t see a server and can´t join them, but if a other player on the Server an I follow him over steam (friendlist ->rightclick -> join), I come on the server and after this, most times I see the Server unter "My Surviviors"

    i hope i can help you :-) and sorry for my bad english on this morning xD