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    anyone got a solution on how to tackle the mass breeding? I've flown around the map for hours searching but can't find them. Is there a decay timer to kill unclaimed dinos?

    Hi all,

    Is there a command to kill all tames except the ones in cyro? My server has just maxed out with tamed creatures due to someone leaving mating on. (Server is boosted) I have been unable to locate so was wondering if there is a command to kill all tamed creatures apart from those in cryos


    Anyone else having this issue where their server isn't showing in the serverlist?

    I have 3 servers, two of them are showing but the 3rd isn't?

    Both Showing in server list



    Not Showing


    Any suggestions? Does Rag normally take longer to update??


    Is there a code we can use in the ini file for console where we can use any ORP teleporter as a starting point? We have teleporters around the map to help those who have the engram unlocked travel, only problem being is you can start there if the tribe is offline.