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    Okay, so i few things to update here. You cannot transfer a world/save file from a console rented server to a pc rented server, unfortunately. Secondly, this was a response I got from Nitrado support when I asked if crossplay worked between xbox and a pc hosted server, "If you wish to crossplay between Xbox and Pc, it'll only be possible if you rent an Xbox server and play exclusively the Windows10 version or the Xbox version of the game, and sadly, you won't be able to add mods to an Xbox or a console server." which, is false on both accounts. You CAN join a crossplay enabled server from the Steam version, I've done it. You CAN load mods to the Xbox, you have to be in Beta Version available from Xbox Insiders Hub. Mods may never come to Nitrado. Good luck, I'm hosting a server myself now. Too expensive for this here anyway.

    I'm checking with Support to see if it is possible to switch a Server from Xbox One to PC. If so, and I'm able to load mods into the server and get them to work with console as well, I will update this. Until then, good luck waiting patiently for Nitrado to figure it out on their end. -.-

    I was able to connect to my server remotely via VRage Remote Client two days ago, but now am unable to connect. No settings have been changed as far as I am aware. Is there something wrong internally or has remote api been disabled as well as config file editing?