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    Hello all,

    I have two questions regarding the hardcore.namalsk mission task for the server file. I chose hardcore but I am struggling to find any vehicles at all. Are there 0 car spawns on hardcore.namalsk?

    If the answer to the above is 0 cars I'd be tempted to change back to regular.namalsk. If I do this will I lose all of my progress?

    Thanks very much

    Hey Babushka, Did you manage to get it up and running yet? I am a newbie to all this stuff and I managed to get it up and running by watching this video:

    I am currently having an issue however - for the past 4-5 days my server has worked fine. I log in today and it says Warning: You were kicked off the game (verifying PBO failed @NamalskSurvival/addons/ns_dayz.pbo)

    As I said I'm a newbie so I read around a little and saw people mentioning the mod was the wrong version and I notice there was an update yesterday. So I went into filezilla and I removed @NamalskSurvival from my mods, unsubbed then re-subscribed and downloaded the mod again. I then went back into Filezilla and uploaded it back in (removed the space, transferred keys and mission file) and when I restarted the game I could now log in but I had lost all progress and doors wouldn't open.

    I did a restore and am back to being kicked with this error and my geared character is also gone.

    I don't mind completely restarting again but would just like to know what I did wrong here to lose all my progress, and which steps in future I should take to fix this error without losing progress.

    Thank You