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    You could make the server "exclusive join" and then put all your friends steam64 IDs on that list, so nobody else could join.

    Edit: also I'm running an unprotected cluster w/o exclusive join or whitelist or passwords and nobody joined yet, cause i didn't put it on the lists.

    Yeah, I have been fighting with this for 3 or 4 days, can't remember even. I filed a ticket as well, and had to reactivate it for the 2nd time today, because nothing I try is working. I just want to travel to my other servers with no problems, I don't even know who's fault is that, but it seems that other people with their own servers don't have this problem, even on nitrado... u_u

    Pardon me, I had to use google to help me read it in English, so there might be mistakes, but I am having the same problem.

    The thing is, it won't let me create a Cluster ID. I have waited over an hour, I have spammed the button, but it does nothing. Unless there is something in the ID field, then the button just clears it and it's empty.

    I am unable to generate ID no matter what I do, and I also tried un-clustering all my (3) servers and running them, and waiting and clustering again, but nothing helps me generate the ID. Which obviously I need.