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    Well, at least it came back online. ^^

    You wouldn't believe how many times I had to restore the server to previous day, lmao. Mostly because I fucked something up, tho, only twice it wasn't my fault (but also hard to say if it was just Ark being Ark or if it was Nitrado).

    If you still can't figure out things after a read of provided links above, you can poke me on priv, so I can explain something, and maybe share my settings with you as a template or whatever.

    Just please, do try the reading first.


    there is a problem with the creation of a cluster id on the server ark, people said there was online tools that allowed to create if you know could you help me if you please ?(

    No online tools, also there has been at least 3 more threads about this, just look for them and read up.

    BTW: for most servers you'll get access to the files. So you can download all the files wou want to keep for the future. But keep in mind, the game might get updated and your backup could become incompatible.

    This. When you stop paying there's - as far as I remember - 7 days grace period, when you can pay for next month or download your saves and after that time it will get deleted.

    I just did it via my phone app and it created an ID first try. I'm using xbox and a note 8

    I'm using Samsung Galaxy S6.

    I just tried on a new phone (Galaxy J6) and apparently it worked, lol, but I barely use it, so didn't think to try on that one earlier. Tried on my main computer as well just now and for some reason it just generated the ID with no problem.

    No idea what's happening, lol, but I'm happy to see it working properly. Guess next time I'll try the new phone first and if that doesn't work, I'll be thinking.

    Thanks for popping by and giving me that idea.


    I'm going to reach out and see what I can find out. It seems to be a widespread issue right now. I would suggest creating a ticket if you haven't already

    Oh dear, I have, pretty sure we all have. Can't speak for the others, but I had to do the "Not Solved" thing twice, they moved my servers to new hardware, and that didn't help. No idea what causes it, since my friend was able to generate the ID no problem yesterday evening. Seems like a problem with the site, though? Or with that button specifically.

    I have tried Firefox, Chrome and Opera on the main computer; Firefox and Chrome on the laptop and Firefox and the Nitrado Playstore app to generate the ID on my account, but nothing worked. And I'm writing this down, cause maybe someone gets and idea I didn't get, about what's causing it.

    I already have a reboot every night for my servers in automatic and c just at each reboot I have bug lol

    Hm, my next reboot is gonna be in 4,5 hours, I'll see if my servers are still clustered after that. If not, at least I'll know what's causing it.

    I mean, it would be nice to have a server restart itself everyday at least once. Think about it as your computer. You can't run it 24/7 and expect no problems. It needs to rest sometimes. So you turn it off. Same with servers. They do need a maintenance restart.

    For example I have set up 3 restarts everyday. Managed to pick up times where nobody would be on, and made sure there's a message before the restart, so they know what's up and have 60 seconds to get safe. Couldn't find how to make that longer, though, so they'd have like 5 minutes, and then it would restart.

    Hi friend, how did your friend do to generate herself a cluster id that works? it interests me, because indeed, the support nitrado put my ticket to the higher level, it's really bad, my players will end up going elsewhere

    She was just able to generate one, she had no problems, apparently. Makes me think to try doing that on VPN next time, idk, maybe it's because of the IP, cause I tried on 3 different browsers and 3 different devices, but on the same IP.

    Same buddy, same. I had to ask my somewhat-friend to generate one for me and she pasted it for me, so I could cluster again. It's getting really annoying, because I can't do anything to fix it on my side, and I don't want to make a new ticket, everytime. Especially since it won't even help, cause I had to reactivate the previous one twice, and it did nothing, I managed to fic the problem myself, rather than receive actual help. That being said, I know the person was trying to help, which is alright.

    //Wanted to edit, but it wouldn't let me, so pardon for 2 in a row.

    Also I'm running an unprotected cluster w/o exclusive join or whitelist or passwords and nobody joined yet, cause i didn't put it on the lists.