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    My servers kindly updated, finally, and I was able to check the ice wyvern thing.

    I can "unpokeball" them no problem, no more crashes.

    I know the thread was resolved, yadda yadda, but I promised I'll "post if everything's alright", and that's what I'm doing. ^^

    Thankie for all the replies earlier. ^-^

    Crash screenshot: (spoilered to avoid long post and scrolling)

    The latest Ark update apparently fixed the problem, but my server is not updated yet (client as well, for some reason), so I thought it's a perfect opportunity to grab that crash, while I can.

    I will post if everything's alright when my client and server kindly decide to update...

    No, the Dino Storage v2 mod, and it's just generally the way you can pokeball dinos now, cryopods store dinos as well. I refer to dinos that are in cryopods/soul balls/any other similar things as "pokeballed" cause it's fast and usually people understand what I mean. :P

    It's not mod's issue, again, it's Wildcard, the game developer that broke this.

    Alright, that's what I needed, thanks! This thread can be closed now. ^^

    The thing is, I am not on Valguero. Not on Ragnarok even. I'm on The Island. And I still get crash when I'm near Ice Wyvern...

    Yesterday I took a soul ball in my hand (did not release it, my hand wasn't even on my mouse) and I crashed. Just when I was about to load in again, I crashed again, because my characterwas still holding the "pokeball". ^^

    I have no idea how Wildcard managed to do this, but I know this file must be deleted server-side in order to not get a crash.

    I restored my server to event-state (pre-patch) and the same thing happens, but at least I can access my character now.

    I just need to know if there is a way for me to reach that file without wiping the server. If not, I'll simply wait until Wildcard manages to fix their mess, again - the only Ice Wyverns I can be close to on 2 maps are mine, pokeballed, and I rarely go to Valguero, so that's not a very big issue.


    As of the last ARK update it's literally impossible to stand near an Ice Wyvern and, like, not get a crash.

    I have been speaking with people, it has something to do with how Wildcard handles Ice Wyverns and something that they've done to the poor animals lately.

    This screenshot explains what needs to be done in order to fix this (this is what everyone, who has a base modding idea says, so I'd guess it is actually a workaround-fix for now):


    This is what I see when I'm trying to reach that folder, to delete the problematic file:


    My question is: Am I able to do anything to fix the damn bug myself? Or am I at Wildcard's mercy for now? I didn't want to bother support with this, cause it's not earth-shattering matter, I can just avoid having Ice Wyverns in render range (which won't be that hard, cause the only ones that are on my server are mine, and they're "pokeballed" and safe in the storage), but if I can fix something, I want to fix something.

    Thanks in advance for reply,


    Tbh my servers had the same name for almost a year of being clustered and nothing bad happened, I had no issues that were caused by Nitrado or clustering, any iddues I had were just ark being ark and occasionally unclustering them (probably before the update, but I never noticed, I was focusing on why not when). But yeah, servers having the exact same name shouldn't really be an issue, even if it's not advised. ^^

    I am not sure that will do something, as it is only this setting "apparently" that is affected by this issue. A full reinstall will need me to block a full couple of hours the server, and you know how people don't like server offline.

    Yeah, people may not like it, but they should understand it.

    Also some options (like -forcerespawndinos) are just one-time thing, and you have to activate them again next time the server restarts.

    Have you tried changing the same setting both in General tab and in Expert tab? I had this problem with difficulty offset and had to edit the numbers in both the tabs, and after that it worked.

    As the title says, and I'm probably not the only one, an option to ignore threads or (preferably) the whole categories, please?

    I have done my reading on Ark, and if I can help I try to, but a lot of new threads (visible as that big, white number on a red background, at the beginning of the page) gets annoying, since half of them are for other games, but I still have to enter them, just for the sake of opening and getting rid of that annoying notification.


    Or alternatively an option to be notified of just a specific, chosen category/catogories.

    PvE mode is borky (my own example was not being able to pick up raptor-sized creatures with argents... AFTER turning AllowFlyerCarry on), so if you're playing with just friends and not making the server public - or even if you're making the server public, but are gonna be tough and good admin - switch the mode to PvP and tell everyone to play nice.

    I am playing on modded public server for one youtuber's patrons, and the mode is PvP, but we're playing PvE and if someone doesn't understand that, they're arseholes and are punished accordingly.


    For auto unlocking engrams this is the code I use in my ini file. It will auto unlock the engrams for said level as you level up.


    Yeah, that one bugged out on me, so I stuck to the mod, but maybe it's not borky on Xbox. ^^

    Also @op, remember that if your character has too many engrams learned and wants to transfer to another server (if you're planning a cluster), you;ll get buffer overflow and will need to try to reconnect few times before it lets you, and that will be te case as long as you don't use Mindwipe.

    As far as I know dinos can't stop on level 350, would need to be 330 or 360, since every difficulty offset is 30 in-game levels.

    Diff offset 1 is max dino level 30, diff 2 is max level 60, etc. Official servers have difficulty offset 5, which means max dino level is 150 (tek dinos have +20%, so max for those is 180), and for example on my server difficulty offset is 10, so max dino level is 300.

    Not sure I get what you mean with the numbers for each stat. You mean you wanted that much per level? So if you put one level in health, you get 10 health? And there wouldn't be such thing as unlimited stat. You have to define a number, and I see you're playing on Xbox, so no mods, you might want to make that high... Though you also have to rememebr that Ark is Ark and has limits.

    One limit I know of regarding stats is that above 1400 Crafting Skill (I think it was 1400, not sure), the crafted stuff won't be better, it will just be made faster. I don't know other limits, since I have the luxury of stacking mods, and never had to think about that.

    And I never tried meddling with player levels, so can't help here.

    The engram setting is buggy, but you can just increase engram points per level to get pretty much the same result.

    Heard Exticntion Core is bugged inside out. Try removing it, doing a dino wipe and check again. If there's no overspawn issue, you've got your problem. If there still is, we'll have to look for different source.

    Tho I am a tester of one of the mods that "better" dinos, and every single person that reported an overspawn issue had it because of a mod. Not the one I'm trying to break err test, luckily, but it was all mods, so I think it's safe to say vanilla Valg doesn't have an overspawn issue.


    I just bought an an nitrado pc server. Everything seems normal but the server isn't up. I've tried connecting through ark, through steam favorites ip address, and through the nitrado control panel. Nothing.

    It says server has started and it active but you cannot connect to it. Please help!

    Yeah, a lot of people don't add +1 to the port number and thus can't connect. If you haven't tried that, do that first.

    I have like 15 faved servers on steam and can connect to all of them with no problem (if they're up and running, obviously).