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    I was getting the same error from xml validation as well. I removed all of the dashes on several of the comments sections of the xml. After doing this the validation tool highlighted the actual error and I was able to correct the file. Hope that helps.

    I have been trying to edit the globals.xml file for awhile now to increase the amount of time a players dead body lasts before it despawns as well as a few other options on that file. It seems as though the changes never happen though after updating the file through my server. When I update the file I always make sure to shut down the server before I load the new updated file and then restart the server.

    Am I missing a setting somewhere? Or not changing it correctly? I have included a copy of the edited file below.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>


    <var name="AnimalMaxCount" type="0" value="200"/>

    <var name="CleanupAvoidance" type="0" value="100"/>

    <var name="CleanupLifetimeDeadAnimal" type="0" value="1200"/>

    <var name="CleanupLifetimeDeadInfected" type="0" value="330"/>

    <var name="CleanupLifetimeDeadPlayer" type="1" value="10800"/>

    <var name="CleanupLifetimeDefault" type="0" value="45"/>

    <var name="CleanupLifetimeLimit" type="0" value="50"/>

    <var name="CleanupLifetimeRuined" type="0" value="330"/>

    <var name="FlagRefreshFrequency" type="0" value="432000"/>

    <var name="FlagRefreshMaxDuration" type="0" value="3456000"/>

    <var name="FoodDecay" type="0" value="1"/>

    <var name="IdleModeCountdown" type="0" value="15000"/>

    <var name="IdleModeStartup" type="0" value="1"/>

    <var name="InitialSpawn" type="0" value="100"/>

    <var name="LootProxyPlacement" type="0" value="1"/>

    <var name="RespawnAttempt" type="0" value="2"/>

    <var name="RespawnLimit" type="0" value="20"/>

    <var name="RespawnTypes" type="0" value="12"/>

    <var name="RestartSpawn" type="0" value="0"/>

    <var name="SpawnInitial" type="0" value="1200"/>

    <var name="TimeHopping" type="0" value="60"/>

    <var name="TimeLogin" type="1" value="10"/>

    <var name="TimeLogout" type="1" value="10"/>

    <var name="TimePenalty" type="0" value="10"/>

    <var name="WorldWetTempUpdate" type="0" value="1"/>

    <var name="ZombieMaxCount" type="0" value="1000"/>

    <var name="ZoneSpawnDist" type="0" value="300"/>