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    Just a simple question :
    Do you use the Nitrado Interface ?
    If you didn't changed the parameter by using the web interface, maybe it saved the old parameter and rewrite it each time.


    I would like to know what offer I have to bid to have the most efficient server possible.

    I want to have a server without lag but with harvest rates x15 and a stacking mod (Haze Stacks). However, when you have such rates, farm with a bronto, a doedicurus, or a wyverne (thatch) very often generates a very large server load and lags can make the game unplayable.

    The server can lag so much that it can crash.

    I currently have a server ESP Publicserver 16 slots, but I want the top of the top, no longer feel latency when a player decides to go farm with his doedicurus.

    Which offer must I subscribe?

    Hi, Im experimenting troubles with a nitrado Ark server.
    I used to manage some Ark servers with Nitrado, I'm the owner of three different servers.
    Two are on Cross Ark and are working well.
    But I want to offer to my players an Event Server on the map Valguero.
    So I took a new server and I've configured it.
    But when I connect on the server, I spawn on the map, but there's no ground, no texture.
    I'm not falling, simply, there's no texture.
    A friend has tried to connect, same problem.

    I stop the server, I change the map for Ragnarok, I restart, no problem, everything is working well.
    I stop again, put Valguero on the server with a new save game, same problem.

    It looks like if textures were missing in files...

    I've tried to reinstall the server, but I can't connect now.
    I see the server in the list of multiplayer servers, I can click it to join, but when connection is done, I'm instant kick from the server.

    When I change the map, all is working. When I use Valguero, it doesn't work.