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    KSW has said mods are able to be activated and that it was on Nitrado to enable their platform to be able to activate them on our servers. honestly even though im a long time nitrado user i am seriously considering going to their competitor who already has the mods available for xbox servers. (this isnt the only reason, i have had several problems with my server and they dont seem to know how to fix them, i have had better help from forums then their support line) Nitrado still has no eta for adding them or if they do they will not tell anybody. they do not seem to care much about their customers and im tired of being told nothing.

    I had this issue. Force stop the server and set the settings back to default. (Don’t reset the server) turns out one of my setting was causing an issue (I believe it was related to me taking out the per player block limit but admittedly I don’t recall) add a few setting back test and retry until either it goes away or you trigger it and you will know which setting is causing it.