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    Update: I tried launching my server from the DayZ Launcher. It shows Namalsk as the map as well. Either way, it launches, loads about half way, then I get a blue spinning circle in the middle of the screen. I am unable to move my cursor away from the center of the screen without it freaking out and moving back to center. I force closed DayZ and received an error code that may be related to having updated my NVIDIA drivers the other day.

    I cannot figure out what I am missing that this will not work for me. I had already done all the steps, but I tried to run mine in non expert mode, so the game rewrote the cfg file, and I of course loaded into Chernarus. So I wiped everything and started again. Uploaded all the necessary files using FileZilla into the root on Nitrado. Checked expert mode and copied and pasted my cfg from Notepad. What I find odd is that last night when I tried to do this, my Nitrado dashboard actually showed 0/10 players and Current Map: Namalsk. I tried to load it with great anticipation, selected my server, typed in the password, and nothing. No crash, no error messages, nothing. Just sat there with the Server menu up and my character standing behind looking sad and lonely.

    I just spent the last hour going through and doing all of this work again, and same result. Server menu, sad, lonely character, no loading.

    What else can I be missing? I want my character to go be sad, lonely AND cold on Namalsk!