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    Hello Folks,

    as the title says, my whole Base just disappeared and it's absolutely nothing left, all walls, crates, locker, cabins, torches, trophies.. absolutely everything is just gone (except for the items on my character). We had build the base around a cabin in the woods that was already there, it's a building from the game. We just put a goldlock in the door and built some walls around the area and we also had a cabin that was built by ourselves and we had around 20 cabinets full of loot in these 2 cabins. We also had a second base at a different location that was away from any buildings and built by myself. It was just a cabin with cabinets in it and a wall (old wall, before update) around the area. At the second base only the outter walls disappeared and all the rest is still there (cabin with all the cabinets full of loot and stuff we built in front of the cabin)

    I rented this server 2 weeks ago and was playing Scum with 2 friends on it, since then we had no issue till the update last week. After the Scum update we crashed sometimes and a couple of times items weren't visible in the inventory anymore and seemed to have disappeared but were later visible again. Today we logged in and noticed a rollback of 4-5 hours, we were all standing in a cornfield that we stopped at yesterday. So we were all confused and headed back to base again and there we saw that everything was gone. And now we are very confused and shocked, wtf happened???

    I read in another thread about database errors or something, so there it seemed like a problem with the server and not the game. I have no idea what it is and I only care about resovling this problem and making sure that it won't happen again. In that thread people mentioned to re-install the game to fix this problem and I would like to try that but before I do that I have a important question. If I re-install the game, will I lose my backups stored by Nitrado??? (because there is no FTP access for Scum servers, so I can't download a backup to save it on my PC). And if I lose these backups by re-installing the game, that would be the end of Scum for me and I'll cancel this server. So I'm looking for a solution were I can restore my base and everything and keep playing without such "disappear" issues. Is that possible and if so, how?

    Edit: Both bases of course had flags in it. The flag in the second base is still there but the flag in the first base is gone like everything else.

    best regards,