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    Hi there the actual errors I’m receiving are GPU Overloaded -lower scene complexity or graphics settings. And Render Overloaded-same complexity and settings warning. All are under the graphics issues. Also getting Latency error- network problems.other than that the game runs good. So is there something I can do on my end to fix that is that server issues or is that my own Xbox having issues.

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone is getting this error my server was working fine with little to no lag once I built a ship to leave the atmosphere and tried to return I was getting several errors along the lines of connection issue and performance issues. I was getting a rendering error and grid complexity issues that was severely lagging and clipping my server at first I was thinking that maybe it was my connection so I restarted my wifi and my console by I’m still getting the errors if anyone can help me it would be appreciated.

    Hi there I recently viewed the thread on here about making yourself an admin and I’m confused so you’re saying the only way to make yourself and admin on the Xbox version of SE is to a have a steam account, pc, vrage client? How about you can make that function that you ca do within the Web Interface through Nitrado instead of installing all those 3rd party apps. Please make it easier so that customers like myself who don’t have access to a Pc that has a steam client or the vrage client in order to be an administrator on a server that you have purchased. Just a suggestion.

    Hi I’ve been having a host of issues after my 2nd ticket sent and my server running fine I log on today and have been in a constant restart loop get in 2 mins later host left game checked my web interface and there is nothing there out of the order accept it says restarting then started the restarting so on an so forth been happening for about an hour now sent in a ticket but thought I’d try to find a way I could get it out of this loop myself. Is there a way

    Hi I was wondering if I could get some advise I bought a server today and I can’t seem to figure out why it won’t start, I tried reinstalling the server with no luck every time I try to edit the game and start it up after about 10 mins the server stops so I’m not sure what is happening.