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    Hey guys I have just 4 days left on the server and I can’t charge my account I just get this message

    There is an error processing your payment which couldn't be corrected within the system. To continue, you must submit a support ticket and await further instruction from our support agents.

    You can try again or go back to the previous page.


    Hello. Since the new update came I’ve seen a few people got the same issue as me.

    Weapons don’t spawn in with mags at all and not even some attachments, everything worked fine until the update 1.11 came. Anyone here to help me fix it ? I’ve only added the ASVAL to types.xml and cfgspawnabletypes.xml nothing else have been changed and it will tied just fine before this update:S

    mpmissions > dayzOffline.chernarusplus > storage_1

    its just dayzOffline.chernarusplus if you use this mission


    been trying now for almost 24 hours :D still not working.. very dissapointed. I mean on the youtube videos they tell you to increase the value of total in-game then add it in your server files and start it back up. I have to re install the server and most of the times it dosent work i spawn at same place and still the vanilla loot. It seems like it do not let me change the loot

    here is an example that i have in my types.xml, and still these wont load.

    <type name="AK101">








    <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0"/>

    <category name="weapons" />

    <usage name="Military"/>

    <usage name="Police"/>

    <usage name="Hunting"/>

    <usage name="Town"/>

    <usage name="Village"/>

    <usage name="Medic"/>

    <usage name="Industrial"/>

    <usage name="Office"/>

    <usage name="School"/>

    <value name="Tier1"/>

    <value name="Tier2"/>

    <value name="Tier3"/>

    <value name="Tier4"/>

    Ive tried removing the "Tier" also adding and removing in the "usage" making it less and more.


    Im new to Nitrado and i hosted a Dayz server for the PS4. I know you can change loot like making loot 50 x more but with more weapons, clothes and food... I have had servers before h not for Dayz its been for other game so i know bout the .xml files and so on.

    I bought this server 2 days ago with a plan to just have some fun with some friends and strangers from around the world.

    I've watched several videos on youtube and gathered all diffrent information from discord and reddit and so on. I seriously go crazy when i see peole doing this and i followed all steps but its not working.||

    I have also tried to reinstall the server several times, i removed all loot and just added 2 types of assault rifles with a few hundred but the loot did not change. Ive also tried to find finished/modded .xml files they all work but not the "types.xml" wont load the loot, i've looked into the types.xml also its changed and all but its not loading into the game. :D

    I have watched the most of "Scalespeeder Gaming" videos on Youtube.

    Please help me i have spent 2 days trying to solve it any answers would be appreaciated.:thumbup: