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    Make sure you reupload the map images with the main server shutdown. once you upload start the main back up and restart any expansions you have. Expansion will still hold old configuration until restarted.

    As this is my first time doing this (sorry for asking if there's a FAQ on this): How do I get a hold of the map images? I'm currently running the official 2x2 sample map and from what I see I don't have the file stored locally.

    Should I access the FTP and download it from there and then reupload it?

    Sorry to hijack this thread but I seems as if I have the same problem, almost at least.

    My map on my newly installed Nitrado server isn't black, it's just not showing the correct information. As you can see in the attached file I'm currently standing on an island but if I go to the marked area showing islands on the map it's only water. Is this the same problem?

    Quick question: Is it possible to download a serverbackup from G-portal and upload it to Nitrado?

    I'm currently using G-portal but as they have no automated backups and last week our server crashed and we lost basically 48h of progress I really want to change as I know Nitrado have backup.