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    Your first statement is wrong. This hasnt worked and the fault isnt on my end. I would be much less frustrated if the phone lines were active during the times they say they are supposed to be active.

    I have submitted a ticket but if its anything like the phone lines I'm not very confident. What does it mean that i am missing window hardware? Why would they sell me something broken before i even get it?

    I appreciate the fast reply, so hard to figure these things out. Especially when it feels like i cant contact anyone.

    Any idea if this is something i can expect to fix today? soon?

    I cant get on my server, i purchased it last night and it hasnt worked since. I know how to access severs and have done it before.

    The problem is on nitrado end. All i get is "server is not responding". Even when i try to launch it from the nitrado server management page.


    I have reset it a bunch of times, and tried to contact Nitrado via phone with no success. It just says i am contacting them during closed hours, though it says they are the correct hours on the website. Very frustrating. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.