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    Does anyone know how Nitrado handles available resources and what is the max?

    I have a 10 slot server with 3 people playing that once we got to about 350k PCU everything start coming to a craw. I also have a 20 slot server that only I was on and I just started spawning in 2 more planets and some large blue prints and once I got just shy of 400K PCU the same thing happened. I would like to think or at least hope that a 20 slot server would have more available resources than a 10 slot, but from testing it out, I can not say this is true. I am monitoring my PCU via vrage remote client. I get it this is still very new and there are some bugs to work out, but this rate I might as well host everything locally and let the servers go for now.

    I just used the steamcmd method above and it worked perfectly. After going through the steps in the document, I was able to promote myself to a 4 star and git all the access I needed. You can not however make yourself the 5 star owner. I am not sure what a 5 star gets over a 4 star, but in game I get everything I was looking for. One note on the document that slowed me down for a minute was in step 4 under "Setting up DedicatedServer64" when its asking for the API port, you will find it in the config file, in the document its stated "Game Configuration" section. Also you don't need to change you API key, just use the one list in the config file as well.