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    Full reinstall and still same issue. The mods that i can check right now are MyAbber Forge, Automated Ark, HG Seed Crafter, Meat Spoiler and the Upgrade Station. The only change from before was the new map. I would say that it is because the mods in question are not compatible for some reason with the new map however, I can use these exact mods on a Single Player Valguero game. I am so lost on this right now...

    well now the server will not start up... says it is neither stopped or started with the option to force start or force stop. been that way for 10 to 15 minutes. just force stopped it. this is the 2nd time after doing the reinstall. Also this is a fresh no mods added yet restart right now.

    No, we are using just S+. Never got around to messing with Homestead. I also just verified that all the mod items that we can use (weapons, tools, ect.) and S+ is working, just not the place-able items. My apologies for the inaccurate info on all placement items. Got so used to using S+ that we forgot it was a mod for a moment. I will remove S+ to see if there is some sort of conflict and then go from there. Will update on if it worked or not.

    The issue I am having with my server is that we can create all mod related items but when we go to place them down, they disappear and are placed back in our inventory. This issue is only happening with the on-line server. When we tested it out on single player, all items are able to be placed so we know the mods are working as they are supposed to but for some reason, we cannot place them down on our server. It doesn't matter if we try to place it on a regular foundation, the built in S+ foundation or even on the ground, with the mod created items, it is the same results. I didn't find anything on the forums relating to this issue so I submitted a ticket and was told to submit this to the forums instead. Any help would be appreciated.