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    Anyone have luck disabling the cryo sickness after the patch last night?

    According to Wildcard, we should be able to add EnableCryoSicknessPVE=True to the .ini file and it will remove cryo sickness. A brief conversation with one of the devs leads me to believe that Nitrado is currently holding this setting back from being enabled.

    Any help or clarity here would be greatly appreciated.

    Issues here as well. Been over an hour since I've have been able to get into the server.

    Submitted a support request as well. If the process remains the same, I won't hear back until tomorrow. Assuming I hear back at all.

    KhaosR1 I've recently started a server back up from Nitrado. While the servers seem to be going through a rough patch, I've been satisfied over all with my previous experiences.

    Rondeau04 Is doing his best to satisfy all of us while, I assume, someone somewhere is distracted by the UFC match instead of fixing the servers.

    Yes. Removing the password did not resolve the "Could not retrieve address" error.

    I feel like I've tried everything in my power and just wish I'll hear from either someone willing to help or any sort of update on my support ticket.

    It's difficult to justify paying upfront for a server you don't get access to.

    I have an Ark Server that I and other players have been unable to join since January 9th. Several players were on the server when it booted all connected players and have not allow access since.

    The server can be found in the session list, but when we enter the password we receive a "Could Not Retrieve Address" error. I have attempted to rollback the server, wipe the server, and reinstall the server. All attempts have been unsuccessful.

    I have submitted a ticket with support, but its been days with no response.

    Anyone have any ideas?