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    Ok I had to use Firefox to send the ticket. That worked after I updated it. I haven't used it in years lol. I gave them a description of my problem and also mentioned i couldn't get to the ticket information through chrome. This is what i sent them:

    Lost a lot of progress. I changed the name of my server, password and took it out of a cluster and when it started it was at day 0 so i tried to perform a back up and it still kept reading 0. Now it is restored but to 5 days ago on the 14th. Also, the windows 10 app says i have no services and i know my server has 70 days on it. How do I fix this? I need it back up and to about 8pm CST on June 19th if possible

    if it was only 5 hours i wouldn't be flipping but it was 5 DAYS!

    i can't create a support ticket because that's all i see when i click on the ticket option and i know i have a current subscription because it has 70 days on it

    I tried to take my server out of a cluster and when i did that it wiped my server and now it's reset 5 realtime days ago. We lost all our progress. I don't know how to get it back. Even the back ups are from 5 days ago. We lost a lot in those days. I can't figure out how to put a ticket in and the support via phone is not during the time of service.

    What do I do? The server was fine until I tried to take it out of a cluster