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    So... i host an minecraft server and i play with 3 other friends... and for some reason whatever i build whatever items i get after like 1-2 hours i lose them out of nowhere, i go back to my home and its exaclty how it was before i built it and this happend like 6 times and i cant even play anymore i lose always everything and the thing is that it happens only to me my other 3 friends are ok do anyone know what is going on?

    Hello! i have an nitrado minecraft server and i want to play with some mods on 1.15.2 but seems like there is only one version of forge in 1.15.2 available and it has lots of errors with a lot of mods and some others need an updated version, almost all mods cant load correctly so... i wanted to ask you is there some way to upload an updated version of forge myself into my server so everything can work fine?

    hello. i bought my minecraft server and when im starting the server it doesnt appear on minecraft. i type the ip correctly and its like it doesnt exist i tried typing both my customized ip and the ip with the numbers that it gave me from the start and still ''cant connect to the server'' its an vanilla forge 1.12.2 server with an mod in it.