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    I appreciate the feedback.

    I think I was able to get a few things in. Not my only issue is when I go to type in the commands to configure my plots to specify what I want exactly appears to not wanna be working.

    If I use the command "plot setup create" I should have an In-Game List of Options and I don't get any of that. Perhaps I did the incorrect version of the plugin? I'm not too sure since the commands show up in the chat lines be don't register in the game

    I'm trying to setup a Minecraft 1.17 Server that will be a Creative Plotworld Server.

    I've set the server to "Creative" and "Flat". But how to I set the Options to make it a "Plot World"?

    I also don't see where I go for Datapacks/Plugins on my Dashboard.

    Being that it's going to be a Creative Server I wanna be able to use WorldEdit & VoxelSniper Tools for my Builds like I have in the past.

    Am I missing how to navigate my dashboard to do this part?

    I've just started up a BF4 Server and I want to be able to configure my server with more than just 1 Gamemode along with Multiple Maps and Server-Side In-Game Chat Messages

    What do I want wanna do exactly?

    Server Chat Messages to vote to Change Gamemode from Conquest to Conquest Large/TDM/Other. The same to apply with changing the Maps after the Gamemode has been voted upon. Voting to change the server to Hardcore or not.

    Server-Side Chat Messages that will advertise the Server's Dedicated Web Domain. Ex. The Official Website/Discord for the Server Staff.

    Is there any way to work with this?

    Hello! So I'm fairly new to Nitrado Servers. I've just started up my own server and I'm looking to tinker the settings ever so slightly.

    The settings I would like to tinker with are:

    1. Server Automated Messages
      1. This will lead into more for the other settings below
    2. Trader Settings
      1. Configure Trader Hours Of Operations
      2. If you are not within range of the Trader - Automated message will prompt in chat to notify those on the server the status of the Trader's Hours of Operation
    3. Server Backup/Restart
      1. Configure automated server backup(s) every <Specific Time> - I currently have my server to Auto-Sever every 15 Minutes. If I'm unavailable to be around my server system. I'd love to setup a server backup for perhaps 3-6 Hour Intervals
      2. Configure automated restart(s) every <Specific Time> - Like Server Backup described above. Server Restart(s) would be most likely every 12-24 Hours
        1. Prior to Server Restart, an automated message would be sent out within 5-10 Minutes to address those on the sever about the Server Restart so that those on the server can find a safe spot during the restart

    Any chance I could have some expert advice on these so I can make them all work together?