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    Since having the crystal isles map I have noticed that all objects load up incredibly slowly, the view distance seems to not be that far infront, i mean, the basics are there. For example, when approaching someones base, including my own, it can take a few minutes for it all to load. Sometimes i'm stood at my base and it looks like im in the middle of nowhere until it all loads up.

    Trees seem to load fine, though the distance that it loads them is quite close but not enough to annoy me. But the base loading is incredibly poor. I've not had this on any of the other maps.

    My system is not a low spec pc, and all other players are experiencing this, some with higher and some with lower specs.

    It makes the game unbearable to play.

    Are there any settings on the server that i can change or maybe purchase a better server?

    I changed ark to the new ark map, the server just kept hanging on restarting. I then reinstalled the server and it restarted, loaded, said not responding, then after half hour it restarted again, it hung for a further hour before then saying server started. But now all I get is server not responding in the steam server. I can't access it. Ive been at it since 6pm and it's now 10pm


    OK so I've finally just got in and it's loaded up an old save of this map when I had it as a mod map rather than official release. But that's weird as I wiped the server... So how is that still there????