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    Same here @southbraves...mating interval seems to be randomized although I've changed it to a specific timer. Any ideas as to how to change this so that it doesn't randomize timers would be appreciated DOAGEN?!



    I had a similar problem and Nitrado suggested I do a game save backup (which I did) but this did not fix the problem. It wasn't until 3 save game backups did I realize I needed to do the server backup after the release of the new map. Unfortunately, this will backup all data to the last known time you used the server and I do not know if it will change the data on the map but it did fix my problem. Good luck! P0eT1K :)

    If you are having an issue still related to the update, please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate.

    Link: Support |

    Thank you.

    Yeah mines been down for 3 days, care to refund my time and trouble considering I cannot join my own server to play nor can my peeps?? I put in a support ticket and got nothing in return, even included a screenshot.

    I do know that Nitrado automatically updates and saves the Database, the main one, once a day around midnight EST in the US. It usually gives like 60 seconds but with Crystal Isles showing up the 25th for console it may have been their update for the map. I'm not Nitrado but I am a programmer and it can be very frustrating for them to update the servers or save the databases before an update happens so that we can have the map. They are growing faster and faster just wait till RUST comes out Dec 31st of this year...they will be swamped. Still can't get into my servers so we will see if I can even stay with Nitrado...

    Hello Everybody!

    I need some help with structures, would like to have the option to demolish or auto decay, the dinos to be able to be claimed after the default time, and my taming speed for all dinos to be 10X (meaning 10 times eating something each dino)!:)

    If anyone can answer this please do...I'm resetting my server and I've found that the Harvesting Multiplier that was initially in the engine settings no longer exists in the expert settings. It doesn't matter if it is put into the GameUserSettings manually or not it will not Multiply my harvesting by 20X now. I do not understand why Nitrado would change this basic setting that works to something else, who knows what, within the server?!!! Let me know where this setting is please in Expert? It used to be; HarvestAmountMultiplier=20

    Splain please Lucy...




    Looking for the Cloning Costs to be reduced with code in the expert settings. Is there a link or code that can do that?:saint: