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    Really appreciate you coming back to me with that, i gave up though and reset them all, it was driving me insane. never edit you XML files after beer ha ha

    if i get it again ill give that a try


    Evening all

    i have started a new server(im not new to dayz and never had issues with xtml files before )

    after modding them the loot does not appear to be spawning, in any location. zombies are working fine (they are modded to have food on them) i have ran all the xtml files through a validator and they are all ok. the only error is on the Spawnable types file that appears to be on the original backup that was not modded so i believe it is supposed to be that way

    772:9The string "--" is not permitted within comments.

    771 <!--START OF ZOMBIES -->
    772 <!-- -- error.png---------------------------ARMY----------------------------- -->
    773 <type name="ZmbM_PatrolNormal_Autumn">
    774 <cargo preset="foodArmy" />

    does any one have any suggestions to get my loot spawning again, any help would be greatly appreciated


    could someone please tell me if it is possible to track players with iZurvive, i don't want to track them in real time. but i want to be able to upload the log files to iZurvive and then see were that player has been with lines between there movements to know there direction of travel

    cheers in advance.