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    have you guys tried to reach out again via the ticket or call the hotline during open business hours?

    My ticket has 4 replies from me all updating with logs, error messages etc each time a new one is given so whoever looks at it gets the full picture.
    Regardless of whether we are adding a new reply every day or so, if a ticket is open they should be looking at it, it's not our job to keep bumping it......if it's resolved we close it ourselves, if it's open they need to be picking it up.

    Yep, I'm approaching 72 hours on my ticket.

    Raised a support ticket on the 28th Feb, i've had no reply other than an automated response because my ticket contained the word "restart" so good luck with that.

    I have 19 days left on my hosting and we haven't been able to play more than a couple hours without it locking up so everyone just stopped trying since the crash would roll back progress and people were tired of losing tames etc.

    I have another server with a different host using the same settings and mods and it's running perfectly fine, no fliers issues, no mission issues, no memory errors etc so read into that what you will.

    also here is a update i was on for a hour no problems then 2 ppl logged in and it restarted the server again

    My experience with the issue is similar. I was the only one online and it was fine for a couple hours, as soon as a 2nd person tried to join it crashes.

    I get the exact same error in the crashstack.

    Originally i was getting a HANG DETECTED error, but it's now an our of memory message.

    Interesting and somewhat amusing thing, that last line in Chinese, when run through google translate, translates to a single word........."panic".

    This seems to be common at the moment.
    I'm having very similar issues with my own server, though i also get crashlogs showing out of memory errors with the server crashing anywhere after between 5 minutes and 3 hours uptime at which point it shows it's still there, gives a timeout when trying to connect and trying to restart leads to it getting stuck in restarting for 20 minutes and having to force stop to get it to start again.

    What do you mean by administrator mode?
    As in the ingame Admin Manager and cheats?

    You either need to set yourself as an Admin by adding your steam64id into the Admin text box in the Settings section, or you need to enable cheats for yourself using the "enablecheats <admin password>" where the Admin password is as specified in the Settings section.

    Ingame use the following command to access the Admin Manager: "showmyadminmanager".

    You can do it in 2 ways, either use the UI option under Settings > General, it's under the Gameplay section and is the 3rd option "Genesis - allow flying creaturs" (not my typo).
    Or you can access the game.ini and gameusersettings.ini directly using the File Browser menu and then navigate to arkse > ShooterGame > Saved > Config > WindowsServer.

    As far as i understand, Asteroids are spawned at the time the map is generated, so once the map has been created there's no way to add them.

    In order to add them, you'll need to create a new world (change the world name to create a new world), provided you have a scenario that supports them such as Star System.

    You can set the density of the Asteroids using the "Procedural Density" setting. By default it will be 0.0. Setting it to 5.0+ will give you pretty dense asteroids, higher values will increase the amount (server performance may vary).

    Hopefully this helps.

    Is there any update on how to get servers to stop?
    I have one with the 'shooter entry' map that i can't stop due to an error complaining a job is already running, and i have another that is stuck restarting and has been for over an hour and again i can't stop it.