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    Success! I have fixed the item download bug. Not just on other maps but for fjordur too. I'm not 100% on the fix cause I changed multiple things at the same time but I can now download things uploaded on fjordur to any map. This includes dinos, items, and characters.

    After all players were uploaded I stopped the server, swapped it to island and started server. Went to an obelisk and was unable to download items, the server crashed.

    With the server shut down this time I unchecked all admin options in the general settings for server(admin log and such) and checked prevent item download. Then saved. Then unchecked prevent item download and saved again. Loaded the server up and went to an obelisk and was able to download items. Having seen this I re-uploaded everything, stopped server and swapped back to fjordur.

    Reloaded server and went to an obelisk and was able to download and upload.

    Swapped back to island and everything is now peachy.

    Please share this with nitrado staff and any others who encounter the same problem, as it fixed it. My best guess is somehow the prevent item download was set to on but showing off, so manually toggling it reset the config. Either that or removing all admin features for logs bogged it down.

    I'm not sure that's the issue here. The last time I owned a server I uploaded way more cause I was dumb and uploaded about 300 cryos worth of dinos. I did however receive feedback from nitrado directly that this problem is related to fjordur specifically. They've also asked me to test something and report back my findings.

    I have uploaded items and dinos I wish to transfer when I swap my map from fjordur to island and noticed I needed a cryo for a baby but had uploaded all I had. Whenever I go to pull it out of ark data the server stalls and crashes. I have to manually restart the server for it to work. I need help fixing this because if I can't download items I wouldn't be able to take anything to a new map.

    I'd also like to point out that the boxes for prevent item, dino, and character downloads are not checked.

    Ive been led to understand that all official/small tribes and whatnot servers if ark are run by nitrado. If this is true is there a general fix to could not retrieve address when trying to join a server? Xbox btw.